Flippy Knife App Reviews

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Very fun!

I love to pull this game it on long car rides, or just when I'm bored or waiting for something or someone! It is a great time killer and very addicting

This apps perdy goooood

(I just want them coinsssss)

Awesome to just kill time

I find the game, relaxing and entertaining, it's not too complicated, and it's easy to get the hang of.

Very good

Love the game! 10/10

Great game

It's a lot of fun and helps pass the time!

I like

It vary good


And addictive!!

Love the game 👍🏻

Keep up the good work

Muito bom

Melhor jogo ever

The best

Better game than flippy bottle

hey kids

hey hollywood stop diddling kids and other people




Great game



It's fun


Good game

Good game


Good but when I’m using some knifes they disappear for like 30 sec and then come back good game but plz fix :(


Gr8 m8. I r8 8/8.

Good time waster

Something you can easily pick up and put down at any time



Not optimized for iPhone X

Used to love this app but it won’t update to fit the new iPhone X screen

I love it but I have a concern

I love the game, I almost have all the knives, and it's really addicting. There's just one problem, every time I click on a watch an add, it goes to the final fantasy mini game, and every single time there's no x to stop the ad so I wait and nothing pops up. So I have to exit the game and when I get back on the amount of ads left is still the same. So please fix that and thank you for making a great game.


Grate game recomend it



Chill game

This game is fun to play when you are just sitting around without much to do. It has great modes and the physics are on point! To add to that it also has awesome knifes

Awesome game but.

This is a good game. And was made even better by the country update. But when i try to watch ads to get new blades i get no credit cause there is no X anywhere.

So fun

Yay this is so fun

Pretty good

Aaaaaay that’s pretty good

Very addictive

Fun game

Plz help if this happened to you

It won’t let me download every time I try it just sits there I will click it but nothing happens it also will appear with like two other apps that I didn’t download

A Knife Enthusiasts Dream

I'm super into knives, and this game adds so many knives to the collection, especially the daily gift ones, which some aren't even knives, nice game devs

I️ LOVE this game

It may start out hard but get gets more and more fun as you play all the modes and get new knifes! You may seem bad at the start but this is my second day and my high score is already 110!!


This game is dope

Pretty weird game but very awesome


Fun but...

It is a very fun game but the ads will not let me get off of them! I have to restart the game to continue playing. The main ad is the Final Fantasy XV or whatever. Please change it!


This game is pretty fun BUT it is hard so get ready for a challenge!! 👍


It's alright fun to play when bored

It’s pretty good

It’s pretty good


This game is so fun I love flipping knifes with real physics!

Addictive and amazing

This game is addictive and amazing


Cool play the best game ever is now off my bucket list

I had to write this review to get money so...


Amazing game... Just need a couple of bugs fixed

The game is supper fun to play, but the if your playing the free version with ads, you will often come across the fact that there is no “X” or “close” button for some of them. This is extremely frustrating sometimes


Game is fun


Worth the time and effort

Amazing app



Good points on deck

The final fantasy add

Every time I go to get free coins or a weapons that requires an add, I get that add every time, when the add is over I can’t close out of it and if doesn’t give me my reward.

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