Flippy Knife App Reviews

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Best game I've ever had

Best game I've ever played on my iPhone 📱 if you like bottle flip your like this game

Good Game

Good game really like it

❤️The game to kill your brain cells ❤️

What’s up Logang! It’s me Ricegum here bringing back another one bites the dust, *bum bum* ya, another one bites the dust, thanks for watching everyone and if you enjoyed go smash that whack-a-mole for only $9.99! With free shipping and handling!

I’m 62 years old I have been playing this since I was 55

I love this game


It is a great game with almost no ads😀👍🏼

best game ever

the game is awesome 5 stars


It's really awesome and the daily rewards are amazing

Little problem

So I play climb and the dips gilch through the wall but I love the game so far. 👍😄

Good games but

PUBG is trash


Dope game, very fun!


Great game


I’ve had this app since before they had a button for sound and it has developed so much since that point love the game

This game is fun

About 85% of the time this game is satisfying as hell and about 15% if the time it is annoying as hell

Good game

Good game, I don’t like all the ads on the bottom but that’s the only problem I have with this fun time waster

Good game

Fun game good time waster easily deserved 5 stars


I think this game would really help other people like me get over stuff that they are trying to get over.👱🏻‍♂️


So in my game there is a minor bug that causes the coin display numbers to bug out and go unreadable for a couple seconds. It’s kind of annoying when I want to know how much total cash i have. Has anyone else have this happen? It’s just a minor annoyance

Best game ever!!!

I like a lot because you get to flip a knife and that they is more knifes to collect.

I’m here for the challenge

I’m here for the challenge


This game is amazing every time I play it this thought comes up in my head it is that who are these devs they are amazing so thanks for the amazing game I hope that you make another one!

This game is so cool


SillyCarly's Review

Best mobile game 10/10

Love this game

The cristmas update was awesome Cwc chad wild clay my fav do a knife cwc halloween

Addictive but...

This game is addictive but, the physics are actually BAD and are not real world physics. 2 stars deleted it 3rd day I had it 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

Best game ever!!!😀😬😁

Hi. My name is Ayden Henry and I am 6 years old I love this game you made its the best game ever thanks for all off the love

Please add five finger fillet

If this is a knife game then you should have a classic in it. If you have a knife that represents the avian crux from rusty cage’s channel then you should have something he is known for. I not telling you how update this game I am just giving a suggestion to this game.

Very very fun and very very addicting I can’t stop playing

Super addictive and very fun


Best game ever

Addictively fun

This is a great game with lots of knifes to play with


My friend recommended me this game it i played it on his phone for a bit, loved it, the. decided to download it on my phone! Amazing! 5/5 stars.

Time killer

Great time killing game fun to play and the known Knife makers knives makes it fun as well!

The best game ever in my life

This is the one game I always play.

Great game.

It’s just a perfect game to play when you are waiting for something. Also it is very addicting.

It’s chill

It’s chill

Good game

It’s a good game


You’re the best man you’re the best as for knives and game


Cool app


Add knife skins, and this will be perfect. Maybe knife specific challenges.


But they need to make it Easier to get coins


The game is okay

good game

this game is addicting

Great game but...

I love this game but the mode I want you have to invite five friends I wish it was free😩

Best game ever

I just love this game! I am on it 24/7 it is awesome

Very very nice

Very niiiice

Ads dont work

Watched ads to get stuff like extra lives or to cut the rope with the tire on it but they don't work. Just a waist of time. Please fix or stop lying.


Totally the best game ever not like I hate it or anything

It’s kinda good but here’s a problem or two...

Flippy knife is a good game but when I open the daily chest it gave me my money then it ask me if I wanted another one but to get it I had to watch a video but then they ripped me off once I watched the video they didn’t give my the chest I TrueDepth tapping it BUT IT WOULDN’T WORK THOSE DUMMBYS RIPED ME OFF WITH THERE SCAM




Very good! I love this game and I’m really happy that I found it!

Gud game


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