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Flippy knife

Dis game da bomb




It cool



Yo gabby Hanna

Yo Hanna Hanna is pretty good

Cost of knives

Knives cost way to much money.


Awesome game

Love Flippy knife

This is one of the most addicting games I’ve ever played I love it


Edit: Adds completely fixed, love what you've done with them. However space is still a bit ridiculous Edit: after the newest update, there's more adds. Before the adds were reasonable. Now they're really annoying. Please remove the adds in between turns. And I'll give it another star Also PLEASE lower the space on it. I have 239 mb of documents and data. I don't have much extra space on my phone and to save that I have some knives should not take 230mb. Please fix. Also the light saber is awesome except for the fact that when it leans to the left a little about 85% of the time it makes it so I can't flip, it just flys away with a slight twist. Especially in arcade Great game. Don't need to pay to get the good knives either. I would ask that the really long adds be taken out but mostly really OK. I think it would be cooler if the prizes in arcade mode slowly got larger and larger so I kept playing it because it's really repetitive. Also maybe add a streak bonus to it so if you get 5 in a row it starts counting and gives you coins. And also if you land the knife perfectly vertical that should be a bonus too. Those would help me want to keep playing. And climb is really hard. Maybe have the prize at 5 or something easier to achieve.




jawn somewhat icy

Good Game

Good game

Absolutely horrible

I mean yeah the gameplay itself is good but the flipping itself is impossible to control. It’s like for me every time I flip it’s based on pure luck. If they can give tips then maybe I would like this more.

this game is the best

this game is the best game I've ever played

Very fun!

It's a really great game that's free and has almost no ads! It's really fun and a great way to pass time. I really recommend this game!


I’m kinda addicted


Bought everything release new one



Pretty high quality game.

I like the game because I can get in and out of it easy. Also if you need to wait on something you can spend some time on it.

The game is so addicting!

I fail so much but flipping it is so satisfying. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Flippy knife

Really fun idle game

Nice game

Funn game


Is good

Just doing this for the reward

Fun game


Great game

It’s a game

It’s pretty good. Fun enough and good way to mindlessly pass time


Just do it


Good fun to play, penis!


Best game, so addictive!

Good game but kind of buggy

I really enjoy this game but it can get a bit buggy I find more bugs in the climb game mode than other modes. When I try and throw my knife to the other side sometimes it doesn’t flip it just shots straight back or it will hit and it says it didn’t but overall a good game

The most triggerworthing game

It’s very tilting, but awesome



Flippy knife

It is great I love it it’s so fun and addictive

Not bad

Game isn’t awful but it’s not perfect


I like it It’s pretty fun to play

Can play for hours

Lots of fun!!!

Grate game

So many knives to collect

It is fun

It is fun


The best game in the world about flips


Awsome bye I did this for gold

Nice pass time

Makes time fly by


It is so addictive

Rate review

It's okay sometimes and my dad likes it to.

Pretty good


Great Game!

Super additive and you’ll love playing!!


Good game




So much fun to play

Great game

Great game



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