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Makes me look dumb

The game is fine. Just fine. There’s literally nothing wrong with it. It just has to much to do with physics. I don’t like to think about physics. You could say I’m hating on a game for a bad reason. And I am. So I give this game 4 stars, just because it’s to smart for me.

Good game!




GrEat simple fun!

Super fun game for being as simple a concept as it is. Im addicted!


Don’t feel the need to buy anything, great game to kill time


This game is awesome but sometimes my knife doesn't chop into the wood👍👍👍


Good game

It’s pretty good

This game is pretty fun.

Try it out

Great game, just some room for additional things such as game modes, more knives, and other things too keep the customer occupied

Good game

This is the best game I ever played I love it so much


Fun game when bored.

Good game

This is awesome


This is a game that I can play everyday when I'm not doing something. It's a great time killer! But it kills something else though... your battery. No before I go on rant, it probably just cuz of my crappy phone battery. Anyways, it still an amazing game!


This game is so addictive

Addicting great time consumer

It’s berry addicting

great game

great game, just good fun and it doesn’t get boring


Best game ever

About the game

The game is fun sometimes you lose sometimes you win you have to except it have fun ❤️❤️


Addictive game!


How many adds do u need dumb$hi

Flippy Knife

Addictive⚔️ ❤️ing this game!!

Ehh I kinda like it but...

I kinda of like the game but it isn’t that fun cause it is hard to get passed race, and arcade I need help getting passed and you should add more categories in or what are they called, IDK



Not bad game

Not bad



Pretty alright

This game is alright

Great game

Awesome recommend

Great game but hard

It’s fun but it’s super hard to get stuff

Flippy knife

It is so much fun

I like it

I like it

Is okay

Pretty gud game


It's fun

Rusty cage

I mostly came here because rusty cage(YouTuber) was sponsored by flippy knife and now I’m addicted😊


Great game really fun I’m addicted

Good Game

Great gameplay.


It’s amazing

The best game

A relly good game


I’m so in love with this game, everything about it is pure perfection.

very fun

very fun


It is okay but has many flaws

I love it

This game is so good

Spectacular game; great idea to download

This game is one of the best games I've downloaded on this phone. It is a great time killer and is exactly what is advertises.

This game is addictive let me tell you why

You can take a knife and flip it it’s as simple as that. But for some reason it’s soothing and addictive play the game to see for your self


This game is great and addicting

To creater

This game is great




This game made me say one thing, wow!


If reading this is a game for people who what to be challenged trust me just trust me please

Love it

It's by far my fav game

Predatory practices

I honestly don't see the logic of a subscription to get knives, it feels like a blatant cash grab that hopefully preys on the unaware. Can someone please explain to me why would I want to support such practices? I like this game and bought some knives before but with the cash grab race mode and now this subscription if feels like the makers of this game told someone to hold their beer while EA said that they are the most shameless in ingame transactions. I want to be wrong but I can't in good faith play this game anymore.

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