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Used to be good

The game used to be good. There were no ads you couldn't get rid of but now theres so much ads. DONT GET THE GAME IF YOU HATE UNREMOVABLE ADS.

Seriously... $100 a year for a single player game

I am sorry but if I am gonna make one of the worst decisions in my life I would like at least some permanence, not to borrow it for a year. They basically tripled the price for their long term subs, which was already a massive slap in the face for essentially a single player game. Ooh and now every other game is plastered with selling me a sub. Gotta be getting desperate now, cant wait till pay per flip or pay to update. Don't throw away your old toys kids, you never know when you'll need them


Good gane

Great game

May look a little Minecrafty but trust me it’s really fun and gets you hooked

Pretty good

It pretty good


Great game

Actually play it more than once

Pretty entertaining and you are not asked to pay for in app purchases every 5 minutes which I love

Súper cool!

The game is so good and distracting!

No one wants to buy six knifes for 0.99

This is stupid and why would you buy six knifes for 0.99 usd make it free it’s not good

Ads Ads Ads

Every new screen has an ad to watch. Bullsh*t

Very fun

It is so fun because of the physics and it is really fun


Good game would recommend

Changed from fun to lame

The game was fun. Every month to few months I would be so excited to see what new knives the developers have introduced. Now there are no new knives, and “deals” for you to pay money and get all the knives... so pretty much if you have every knife there is no point to play anymore. No new knives coming your way, no new game modes. They essentially took the fun out of the game. If there were new game modes or new knives coming every so often the game would be as it was before, awesome! But it got very boring very quickly.

Just doing this for the badge

Great game though😁

Best game ever

You can flip knives without hurting yourself and tomahawks and machetes and swords

Good for what it is meant to be good at.

Meh, I guess time waster games like this are just super boring to me now. I downloaded it, enjoyed it for a day or two, quickly got bored, you know the story. Pretty fun if you enjoy a simplistic concept for some straightforward fun.

Great game

Vewy vewy nice game

Great physics

I can tell the wait between knives very well,



This game is so fun

It's awesome

Great Game

This game is very fun and addicting.

Not bad

Pretty good, if you used looking for something to download then download this


cool game

The best game ever

Flippy knife has a bunch of different knifes and some are easy some are hard and some ain’t worth crap and some are really cool so IF YOU DONT HAVE FLIPPY KNIFE WHAT ARE YA DOING GO PLAY IT!!!!!!


I love the game some knives work better with different things but the game is super addictive I have only been playing for a few days and have Bought a lot of knives and blades

Rusty Cage

Hi, I was just wondering if somehow you could add back the old YouTube knifes(like Rusty Cage) If so, that would be great to see!

Good game

Fun, addicting, time killer


Real good game

Awesome game

I love playing this game but I wish getting knives was easier



This game is so fun and addictive


I hate this game

It does not save your stuff

Love it

It’s really addictive

Great Game

Lots of fun playing and collecting knives. Love the newest mode:crash the tower- this is my favorite! Would like more knives to get with my coins I won, hopefully the next update has more of them soon!


Siempre que hay que lanzar esta en una sola posición y si cae parada y al otro intento si no cae bien y al primer tiro por tercera vez esta en la misma posición y ni cae parada por qué no cae si esta enla misma posición eso es un error para el juego




Really good game


The only reason why im doing this is to get 500 coins

It’s okay

I like it

Easy fun cool

Eye pleasing good physics

Two words

Good app



Awesome game

I love this game I play it all the time I have been hoping that the developers add in some more knifes I love everything about this game and if i could I would never I mean NEVER stop playing it. Thank you so much for making a game so awesome

Rusty cage

I’m here from rusty cage

Flippy knife

❤️ the game

I’m a crazy good knife flipper!

Seriously, I am addicted to this game! First game in forever that I can actually play for 5 min or 30 min, and have fun and not spend real money. And I’m good too! I LOVE THIS!

I Love This Game!!

I Can’t stop playing this game it’s crazy!!

GREAT! suggestions

This is an AWESOME game. Please add the ability to play the knife game (the one where you stab between your fingers), that would be awesome! thanks, ruler

Fun game

I can’t stop playing this game

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