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Best game ever

I like it so much




Omg this app is amazing

Fight mode is rigged

It would be five in the whole game but I’m rating fight mode so the rest is good but fight mode I swear is rigged cause when you can’t get the the one before the last the ai is like I can’t get there but what’s that you made it to the one before victory oh wait I suddenly remember how to get there and boom you lost. Please fix this

I really like this game

I’m not gonna waste your time by saying why I like the game and stuff like that because I’m sure you’ve heard it before. But what I will say is I love all the references to a bunch of different things like the toy tie fighter form Star Wars on a shelf the terminator poster called cyborg the cyborg katana which looks like gengi’s blade from overwatch, the bill chipher picture on the wall from gravity falls, the multiple video game consoles like the game cube, the diamond sword which is a reference to Minecraft and many more!


Dope af

Flippy knife


Great game!!

Awsome game.

Rate are game bagde

The bagde rate are game dose not work they just get to rate there game to get more ratings but the game is good it self but maybe make free knifes because it’s hard for me to get coins but I got a few knifes but not that much but let’s get some free knifes but the game is fun and very cool but yeah that’s what I gotta say


Good game

Addicting fun

Like the game. However, lately it has been freezing quite a bit. Shutting down in the middle of a game. When you tap "no" to not remind you to open the chest, it still reminds you. Hopefully those issues will be fixed soon because it is a fun game. Maybe more levels.

Great game

Love it so fun you could spend hours playing this

Helllo what’s up


Awesome pass time

This game is great if you want to pass time but it gets a little repetitive every once in a while

Really Good game

It was a beautiful game and cool graphics I have no words It was so Awsome


This game is really good and addictive it’s really fun I really like how you can get soooooooo many knives and so

By the way

Your being ripped off so hard by knife flip You should sew them

Great game, but still has flaws.

I really like this game. It’s relaxing, easy to learn, but along with many other phone games, there are some aspects that just make you scratch your head. For example, some knives give you more points than others. This would normally be fine, but get this. What if I like using the butterfly knife, but it doesn’t get as much points as other knives? I think they should implement a feature where you could upgrade the knives you personally enjoy instead of having to just choose a knife that will give you more points. Customization will really help the game. I hope this can be thought about by the developers.


It fun



The Cutaway knifes a glitch

I am just saying but it when you can.🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅

Fun times

Very addicting and love the different modes of play keeps things interesting!

Flippy knife

Great game


I highly recommend this game it’s more fun then pubg

Love the quality of the physics

I also love that they include some of my favorite YouTubers and company’s


Pretty to kill some time.

So cool

I love your game I can’t stop playing it me and my friend can’t stop playing

Good but creepy…

This game is kind of Heard but I really like it and my brother said there’s a weird thing with Loumenitti [I think that’s how you spell it] in it

2 things that needs to be added

1. More knifes 2. Test dummies,turnamates,etc

Great game

I have nothing else to say

The Best Game

If your reading this Beresnev Games, this is the best game I have ever played. But I would like it if you guys would add a few things to make the game better. I would love it if you would add some kind of tournament against online players. Also it would be amazing if you would add a leaderboard for each of the game modes that you guys have for us Flippy Masters. Overall this is a great game and I would recommend it to everyone who loves knives!!

Amazing game!!!

Love this game and it’s so much fun!


The gameplay mechanics are terrible the knife hitting is asked off a luck system.

Please move!

Please move the thing where you buy knife sets with real money cause every time I’m about to beat my high score in climb I press it by accident and it resets me back down to the bottom and doesn’t same where I had so please move it to the home screen




Great game


This game has next to no mistakes, bugs, or anything wrong with it at all. Keeps me busy on road trips and being just bored, thanks.


This game has a good idea but is complete trash



I liked it

Pretty good

Achievement Confusion

Cant seem to unlock the “11 Knives For Achievement” I have no clue what that even means. 11 knives for what?



Very good game

Fun and addicting and you just want to keep playing


Had the game for a while and really enjoyed it whenever I had a few minutes to spare. Then they changed their privacy policy to “process some of [my] information while playing.” Not only that, but they added the annoying and intrusive type of ads. The ads they ran before were really cleverly placed and weren’t as in-your-face. Oh, and they added some micro transactions. So that’s just annoying as well. They sold out. And I deleted the game.

Like the game but it has draw backs

So I like flippy knife, i play it and a lot of the knifes do not actually go in and just fall off even when they couldve went it, and they constantly change spin speed even if i throw them the same way and length

Great game

This is indeed a great game. I appreciate that you guys made it supported for the iPhone X. It is definitely addictive and a fun way to pass time throwing knifes xD


It’s a great pass timer it’s fun and it’s addictive I’d say it’s one of the best games ever but the adds are a bit annoying but besides that it’s an awesome game

Great game! But..

(July 14, 2018 update) IMPORTANT ISSUE PLEASE FIX: Hey I'm back again. I have a big issue that will without a doubt will not let me get all knives if you don't fix it. I've gotten well over 50 climb points but it's not giving me the power sword/covenant blade from halo. The progress bar is full in the badges menu but it won't give me the power sword. It might be because I had 50 climb points before the badge-knife update. And yes, I reset my phone multiple times to see if it's just my crap phone. It's not. Please fix this before you lose a dedicated player that's played this game since the first month it was out. But I'll still keep this a five star review because you fixed my last glitch. See ya. ------------------------------------ This game is hands down great. I've already wrote something about this game on another device about how good it is. But, I have a minor bug issue that's been clawing at me for a while, and I bet other people have had problems with too. My arcade is bugged and I can't play it. It has this glitch where there's a prize bag on an ad tv, and when the ad is over, the bag disappears and the prize bar meter is full. This results in you going on and on and the prize bag is gone, and the meter stays full and never changes. It also doesn't fix itself if you close the app and whatnot. This game is great and would be greater if this was fixed. And what better time to fix it than the Halloween update! If you fix this, not only I but many others will appreciate it. Keep up the good work devs! 😃 Update: I don't know if I'm crazy, or did you fix the glitch?! Thanks devs, keep up the good work! 😃

Pretty okay

I mean, it's an okay time waster. Best option thus far though.

Good game + suggestions

I’ve put quite a bit of time into this game, have every achievement and knife and there’s only one real complaint I have, there’s no end game. Most games reward you for completing them but after 100%ing this game there’s nothing. It would be nice to see a special knife or something for players who complete the game. Here’s a couple of suggestions for new knives I thought up! -Tent stake -Gravity knife (imo the gravity knife that the Luftwaffe issued to paratroopers is what I’d like to see) -Flail -A bayoneted lee enfield that shoots and cycles the bolt in the air -A knife designed by Skullagrim. He’s already done a paid promotion for the game so the devs are aware of him and he’s made videos about weapon design before so why not ask him to design something to be put into the game? That’s all I could think of for now, overall great game!

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